Our Network

Phillips & Southern never stop looking for the best people and companies to build relationships with.

With our discreet international network of trusted development professionals, we’re able to offer exclusive investment opportunities that promise the very best returns for our clients. Our developers love the convenience of dealing with us over coordinating single investors, meaning they’ll often give us a building before it comes to the market. We build the relationships, you see the value.


Your investment is in safe hands. Our experienced accountants shield you from day-to-day updates, leaving you with only important financial decisions.


We understand that paperwork is hard work, so we’ll make sure our solicitors are always on-hand to spare you the legal headache.

Interior Designers

From paint to plant life, wallpaper to wood floors, our interior designers know what works and come with a proven track record for maximising returns.

Quantity Surveyors

We make sure projects deliver value for money, using vetted quantity surveyors that plan the process, assess the risks and keep costs on track.

Case Studies


Treptow-Köpenick, Berlin’s largest borough, is traditionally a...

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Old Brompton Road

South Kensington, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, has...

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Paramount House

In the heart of Soho, just minutes from Tottenham Court Road,...

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